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Ardilla Deneys

Founder of Pollima

Ardilla is focused on creating new systems of production and consumption. Growing up in Kentucky as an environmentalist, organizing against mountaintop removal, she learned how to negotiate. With gratitude for her lessons in verbal communication she became a designer focused on popularizing sustainable, local materials to create the change she wanted to see.

After decades of gazing at her grandmother’s 1960’s lacquered post card from the redwoods, she now lives in California. With the redwoods as her guides, Ardilla started Pollima to strengthen the use of innovative materials made from waste and biology. She believes that the more materials we can use from the waste stream, the more greenhouse gases are saved and the more ancient forests are saved.

Ardilla always begs us to ask two questions to increase sustainability in our lives : “Where did this come from?” and “Where is this going?”



Scott LEonard | co-founder of indigenous

"Ardilla is committed to ongoing research and investigation that heals the planet but also takes into consideration the triple bottom line."

Gingi Medina | ceo of Equites

“Working with Ardilla is nothing short of a pleasure. She's streamlined my textiles division in one fell swoop. Her attention to detail and level of standards and principles never compromised in obtaining textiles has shown to be trusted and as thorough as if I had done it myself.”

Roya Aghighi | founder of Biogarmentry

"Ardilla is doing exactly what she loves: helping me succeed in finding opportunities, finding funding, and genuinely caring about everyone getting their needs met."



"I've relied on Ardilla to be a deep listener that I trust to act on my needs while keeping me calm under pressure."

SHaun Moshasha | co-Founder of Kombucha Biomaterials

"I see that Ardilla is fearless and persistent in getting us to the events we need to attend, partnerships we need to pursue, and holding me accountable for my own deliverables!"