Los Angeles Biomaterials Panel Videos

Ardilla Deneys brought together Lucas Hildebrand, Tom McGrath, and Jessica Aldridge to discuss the state of what happens to materials in our current waste stream and possible alternative materials and systems. Check out the videos in this post!

Jessica Aldridge, as the executive director of Burbank Green Alliance, the sustainability manager for a waste management company, and host of a podcast, Adventures in Waste, she has a wealth of knowledge on waste management and recycling in Los Angeles.

Lucas Hildebrand, President of Restalk, talks about turning cannabis waste and byproduct into useful materials.

Tom McGrath talks about the bioproducts innovation center, green chemistry, and the LA Cleantech incubator, sustainable energy, water and soil, bio based hydrocarbons through anaerobic digestion and hemp as a biological source for hydrocarbons.

This series of salons, starting January 29 in Los Angeles, will explore novel materials as well as new modes of fabrication to stem the flow of waste plastics into waterways and oceans.

Ardilla Deneys, Founder, Pollima Consulting
Lucas Hildebrand, President, Restalk
Tom McGrath, CEO, VITAL Cleantech
Jessica Aldridge, Executive Director, Burbank Green Alliance

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