Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures


Pack of 10 ultra-premium joint papers

The Kombucha Paper is the world’s first kombucha rolling paper. Made from the bi-product of kombucha brewing, the SCOBY is used for its cellulose to create tree free, smokable paper.

At your next party, surprise your friends with these artisan, hand cut papers grown in Virginia.

“It’s like I’m smoking nutrition in a blunt!” - Justin, CA

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The Kombucha Paper is the superior wrap for your premium cannabis

  • Clean, un-intrusive taste

  • Slow and even burning

  • Strong and thin

The Kombucha Paper is made using only the SCOBY, or the Mother of the Kombucha, without any chemicals

  • Paper made from plant sources that need to be chemically processed to harvest the cellulose, which means that those chemicals are left as residuals in the paper. All papers are processed, including those that claim “unrefined hemp.”

The Kombucha Paper is better for the environment.

  • The Global Paper and Pulp industry is disastrous for the environment: 40% of trees are cut down annually for pulp production, it is the 3rd largest polluter of air, water and soil, and it is the 4th largest consumer of energy.

  • Our paper is made from the waste product of Kombucha fermentation, and our waste product is Kombucha tea. You do the math.

If you are a brand that is interested in wholesale opportunities, maybe for specialty pre-rolls (!), please contact